I help hotels, resorts showcase their beautiful properties online, through producing high quality videos.

I also tailor-make honeymoons and romantic vacations for couples.

Other Services I offer

  • Online exposure for your brand.
  • High quality, engaging written content
  • Video production for resorts, hotels and lodges, customized and unique to your brand
  • Content creation and marketing for travel products and services
  • Social Media and blog consultation
  • Sponsored Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Blog posts
  • WordPress blog and website customization.

We are open to providing the following services

Content Planning

We plan and manage content for hotels, resorts, lodges. Upon collaboration with any property, we share video, written and photography content that can be used on website and repurposed on social media pages.

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Content Management

We manage content for travel brands on their site, social media or newsletter.

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Video Production Services

We create video content for resorts, lodges and hotels based on their needs and vision. Examples of hotels include: La Mada and more

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Video Editing Services

We create video content for both websites, YouTube and social media. These include videos needed for:

  • Advertising services for the following platforms:
  • Facebook, Google, Instagram [reels, stories, posts, IGTV videos], Facebook [posts, stories and videos]
  • Website
  • Videos to showcase of platforms such as: YouTube, Vimeo, slide share and PowerPoint presentations
  • WhatsApp Videos and more

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Tailor made romantic and honeymoon getaways

I custom make safari and beach destinations for couples wishing to go on honeymoons and romantic getaways. This is largely based on my interactions with the hotels and resorts I have worked with and I can confidently advise on the best destinations for couples’ getaways.

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Tour guides

I help tourists get the best tour guides and destinations to Kenya, this is based on your individual interests and preferences.

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Influencer Marketing

I work with travel brands interested in growing from my platform. This covers product placement, product and service reviews, social media adverts, google and YouTube adverts and more.

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I am open to partnerships and collaborations with other creatives and content creators. Please feel free to get in touch.

Clients and Partners

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