Why Go with Shaz on The Move?

After traveling around Kenya and having lots of queries on how to get to these destinations, I have decided to start offering trips to cater to different travellers.

There is so much information out here about travel destinations. With experience I cut the time it takes you have to go online to research a destination, compare prices and make itineraries. I do that for you. After successfully planning a mapping locations team to travel around Kenya as a group, I decided to plan great adventures around Kenya every year.

There are lots of romantic destinations to explore in Kenya and I have a compiled list of this all you have to do is select the destination, sit back, relax and wait for the date of travel as I work to get you the best accommodation, experiences and create a customised itinerary for you.

From the experience planning several couple trips, I have chosen trips that I know couples will enjoy and would love to experience.