What To Wear In Nairobi

Nairobi is overall one of my favourite cities. Born and bred here, I love the cosmopolitan aspect of it. There are a few pet peeves like the city planning, transport system and traffic. But doesn’t every city have a pet peeve? Nairobi is a diverse city so pack according to the weather at the time you are travelling.

Nairobi experiences hot months from December up to March and rains from late March to May although this has not been the case over the past few years because of climate change. The cold season starts from June to August and short rains from September to November and this too is not consistent.

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Living here all my life I have learnt to adjust and enjoy every weather that the city in the sun experiences. My favourite months of the year are December to March. My go-to outfits in Nairobi are Ankara dresses for weddings and weekends and Sunday best to church J during the cold season I keep myself warm with leggings, winter jackets and sweater tops.

These are my inspirations on what to wear in Nairobi!

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Nguo Affordable location is on Kenyatta Avenue, Gilfillan House, and 6th Floor Nairobi. This is where to find ready-made Ankara dresses, skirts, trousers, coats and blouses.  

Check Ankara dresses inspiration to Nairobi.

What To Wear In Nairobi Ankara Outfit Inspiration
In that floral print vibe.
What To Wear In Nairobi Ankara Outfit Inspiration
Plenty of variations on colour and theme
What To Wear In Nairobi Ankara Outfit Inspiration
A-lines are a fav too 🙂

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What To Wear In Nairobi Ankara Outfit Inspiration

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  1. I love your sence of style lady and may I say you look stunning in the brighter colours? 🙂
    The cuts of these designs are really great, bow down to the designer!

    1. Sharon Lumbasisays:

      Hey Ann, thank you!

  2. […] Pack light clothes as Kenya is generally a warm country. Except for the months between June and September where you experience cold. Wet months start between April and June. You can also shop in Kenya and get inspiration for the beauty of Africa. See more inspiration on what to wear in Nairobi with the Ankara outfit inspiration. […]

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