The trip to Lake Turkana was one of my biggest bucket list experiences. It was my first time here and I was in a dilemma of what to pack and what to leave out. What should I pack for a trip to Turkana? I have travelled to a couple of places in Kenya including, Kakamega Forest, Lake Victoria Islands, Aberdare National Park and have since been re-defining my packing lists to all these places.

Every place is unique, so you have to consider the weather and climate of the area. When packing for Lake Turkana, my best advice is to choose comfort and think of it as a trip to a coastal area since the Lake is a water body and hence the weather is similar to that which you would find in Mombasa. A nice style that will easily be achieved by carrying light clothes throughout the safari as the area is very hot

My Turkana Trip Details

Location: Turkana County, Kenya

Travel Dates: Mid December

Season: Hot and Dry Season


The weather is hot, humid and dry. Turkana county is generally a dry area. However, at the time of travel, the county had experienced bouts of flooding and heavy rainfall. This is unlike the climate expected in this area. These are the effects of climate change.

What to Expect in Turkana County?

Hot and dry weather. It may rain but the atmosphere is still hot. This happened while touring the Central Islands National Park and this was so refreshing.

There are different activities you can take part in, from boat rides, swimming, hiking, trekking across the sand and camel safaris.

Lake Turkana boat rides

Helpful Tip: Remember to pack mosquito repellent. There are so many bugs that bite hard especially in the evenings.

Boat Rides

I did one boat ride. From Eliye Springs to Central Islands National Park in the middle of Lake Turkana. From experience, it is advisable to travel in the morning just after the morning water turbulence has calmed down. Morning is a bit chilly so you can layer up with a vest and a cotton t-shirt the remove the t-shirt as the weather becomes warmer.

When staying at Eliye Springs Resort, they provided water bottles as they emphasize on conserving the environment by reducing plastics. I found this really cool as I use the bottle up to now to any trip. They also provide insect repellent but it is important to carry extra.

Water Bottle
Eliye Springs Water

They also provide packed lunch for the trip to the island across. I found this a raw deal though as the sandwiches are not worth the rate we paid for food.

Evening and night Swim

This is something that I overlooked! I didn’t pack a swimming costume and I was forced to buy a costume from the resort. Which was a bit over the top!  But I was not about to miss an opportunity to swim in Lake Turkana. I had to improvise, luckily I packed a sports bra which I used to swim with an all.

Luggage Requirements

I would recommend a suitcase and check your baggage allowance depending on the flight you are taking to Lodwar. Also, check the type of vehicle you are travelling with if you opt to go on a road trip. Check with your flight service provider and ensure you have met all their luggage requirements.

What To Pack For A Turkana Getaway?

Pack light clothes, with earth colours for your getaway wardrobe.


  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Vests
  • Shorts
  • Converse shoes
  • Sandals
  • Hiking shoes
  • Sundresses
  • Underwear
  • Bikini or swimming costume

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