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Travelling To Kenya- COVID-19 Requirements

What are the new COVID- 19 requirements?

There have been some advancements to curb the spread of COVID-19 in Kenya. If you are travelling to Kenya, below are COVID-19 requirements as you travel out of Kenya as an international traveller or into Kenya on domestic flights.

Travellers departing from Kenya require Trusted Travel (TT) code on the COVID 19 test result certificate. No laboratory is permitted to issue COVID -19 certificates without TT code. The government of Kenya in collaboration with agencies have implemented an online system to authenticate and verify travellers’ COVID-19 certificates.

Regulations on COVID 19 testing vary depending on destination and this is where any traveller leaving Kenya should be concerned about. Some countries will require that you go to quarantine and only released upon receiving a negative result after testing.

Some airlines will leave passengers behind that do not have the certificate, so to be safe have the certificate verified even with the negative result.

Steps to getting your COVID-19 results

Obtain a negative COVID -19 certificate

As Of January 11, 2021, Kenya requires digitally verified COVID-19 test to enter or depart Kenya.

Travellers departing Kenya must obtain a negative COVID-19 certificate in accordance with the trusted Traveler (TT) Initiative. More information on the Trusted Traveler initiative can be found here and the PanaBios system.

Visit an authorized laboratory

Travellers who intend to depart Kenya must first visit an authorized laboratory (according to the government of Kenya, all PCR COVID-19 testing laboratories are now part of the TT system), obtain a PCR COVID-19 test with a negative result, and be issued a TT code that will be verified by airlines and immigration authorities.

Plan accordingly, most results come out after 24 hours. So, your test should be done at least a day or two before your trip. The test costs about Ksh. 9,000 or $ 90.

The testing process is simple and straight forward.

Present the result upon arrival at airport

The traveller will receive a text message (SMS) from PanaBios as well as an email from the testing laboratory and/or from with a link to guide the traveller on how to generate a Travel Code at Trusted Travel Panabios If the test results meets Kenya’s exit requirements, a Travel Code is issued to the traveler online.

Information for arriving travellers

Arriving travelers

As you plan your trip to Kenya, note that the government of Kenya also announced that starting on January 11, 2021, this new TT electronic verification system will also apply to the negative COVID-19 certificates that are already required for travellers who are entering Kenya; however, details are not available at this time.

The Embassy is seeking clarification of this new requirement for incoming travellers and will report any additional information, incoming travellers.

Travelers with additional questions about these new requirements should contact the Kenyan Ministry of Health (in Kenya) or the nearest Kenya Embassy (if outside Kenya).

COVID-19 Requirements for Flying Within Kenya

Travellers are given a form to fill. This form is more of a way for contact tracing. Upon arrival, the form is handed over the port health personnel.

Local airlines such as Jambojet send you a health declaration form to fill out before your date of travel. In case you are unable to fill the form, you are required to carry a pen with you and the declaration form will be given to you on arrival to fill at the check in or boarding gate

How long is the COVID-19 Certificate valid?

The certificate is only valid for 96 hours. The rules, however, keep changing from country to country.

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