Travel Planning

The idea of travelling is always exciting. I am always giddy with excitement whenever I get the opportunity to travel. Travelling solo, as a group or with kids is a rewarding experience. There are articles on this site about my travel experiences as travelling solo, with groups or with my kids. I hope they help you to feel comfortable about fulfilling your bucket list and wanderlust experience. If you are already a travel expert you can always find a new insight here or learn something from a different perspective.


Wondering what to pack? How to get to destinations rarely visited? In this blog, you will find my experience travelling to the most unique and unexplored places in Kenya and Africa. You can read more on my destination guides for Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda or more of my accommodation experiences.

Lake Victoria Ferry Crossing - Lwanda Kotieno
Waiting for the to Take off at Ferry Crossing – Lwanda Kotieno

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