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6 Interesting Things To Do At Hell’s Gate National Park Kenya


Hell’s Gate National Park Kenya, is located in Naivasha. It is about 2 hours from Kenya’s capital – Nairobi. Hell’s Gate is one of Kenya’s most visited parks owing to its close proximity to Nairobi, making it a convenient day trip from most local tourists who want to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Things to Do at Hell’s Gate National Park

It is a popular destination because of the number of interesting things to do. Visiting Hell’s Gate National Park gives you the option of doing a number of activities from hiking, walking through nature trails, rock climbing, game viewing, bike riding and several picnic sites.

Hiking in Hell’s Gate

With the help of local guides, you can take walking tours as they explain the history and the nature of the park. From the Ol-Njorwa Gorge, which is currently closed from the public owing to flash floods that caused a tragedy a few years back where a group of youth died from the floods.

One thing to note is to check out the weather before leaving. Flash floods occur especially during the rainy season. The nature walk takes about 3 hours. The tours will give you a chance to see the scenic landscape of the park. Walking tours are best done during the dry seasons, where there are no threats to flash flooding.

Ol-Njorwa Gorge

Unlike other national parks in Kenya, Hell’s Gate has fewer dangerous wild animals making it an ideal place for hiking.

Rock Climbing at Fischer’s Tower

In 1883, a German explorer Dr. Fischer called ‘Hell’s Gate’ which he translated from the Masaai word ‘Enemeneng’. The tall rock standing majestically at the park was named after him. This rock is popular with rock climbing enthusiasts in Kenya.

Fischer’s Tower, is the first natural rock you will encounter when you get to Hell’s Gate National Park. This rock is estimated to be approximately 25 meters.

Fischer's Tower - Hell's Gate National Park

Game Viewing

The park provides for game viewing. You have the opportunity to see animals such as buffalos, giraffes, zebras, and huge rodents. The park does not have dangerous wildlife except for one of the big five – the buffalo. However, take caution while doing any activity at the park.

Buffalo family at Hell's Gate National Park

Cycling at Hell’s Gate National Park

There is nothing as amazing as riding your bike past grazing zebras and giraffes. This is what you get when you go on a biking tour at Hell’s Gate. Since there are no, wild cats in the area this gives the park one of the best places to enjoy a biking tour in the wild. Bikes are available for hire at the Elsa gate. Before you ride make sure it’s comfortable for you.

Check that they are adjusted at the seat, the chain is okay and the tires are well inflated. It is advisable to get a guide to go with you as they are able to point you in the right direction and where to avoid animals such a buffaloes. They are also able to help you fix your bike issues in case you encounter any.

The best route is the gorge road that goes all the way to Ranger’s post. You can see these on the signage in the park. This route has no traffic. It is basically downhill on the way out and uphill on the way back so make sure your legs are ready for the way back as you will need to push through the uphill.

The cost of hiring a bicycle is varies between Ksh. 1,000 to 1,500 depending on who you are hiring the bike from. The cost of coming with a bike into the park is Ksh. 200 per bike.

Cycling at Hell's Gate National Park

Picnic Sites

There is a picnic site at the ranger’s station. You need to be careful when you get here with your packed lunch as there are bold monkeys on site that can take your meal. There is also a resting place at the bottom of Fischer’s tower where you can have your picnic lunch.

Camping at Hell’s Gate

I have never camped at Hell’s Gate. However, on my day trip I learnt there are camping sites at the park. There are three camping sites which include: Naiburta, Endachata and Ol Dubai. Each of these campsites have toilets, picnic shelters and showers to use.

Hell’s Gate Park Entry Fees

As of 2021 these are the current park entry fees to Hell’s Gate National Park

Resident TypeChildAdult
CitizenKSH 200KSH 250
ResidentKSH 250KSH 200
Non-Resident$ 15$ 20

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