The Ultimate Guide to Buying the best Ankara style dresses in the Market

You will agree with me that Ankara fashion styles are the most beautiful fashion trends in 2020. There are many designs available both offline and online. Or are there?

Well, there are many places to source Ankara style dresses including offline tailors and fashion designers who get you the best Ankara styles.  I went on a quest to find hot Ankara styles and in addition, asked some of my friends to show me the latest Ankara styles available. This article covers the best African print dresses in the market and their features. I am also going to show you where to get the best African print dresses in the market.

Where to get top Ankara styles

Below are my top 5 finds from Amazon. One of the best places to get female Ankara styles is online. You can purchase new Ankara styles either from Amazon or Etsy stores.

However, if you have a designer available offline, or a tailor/seamstress,  you can get free Ankara styles online and then get your tailor to custom make a design of your choice for you. Since I am not a designer or seamstress, the links direct you to the seller’s store.

You are probably wondering:

How do I find the best Ankara style dresses online?

You can either go to Amazon or Etsy and sift through the thousands of designs in there. There are thousands of beautiful designs. These will not only confuse you even more but will take up so much of your time and I am sure you have so much to do. So I have shortlisted the best 5 affordable Ankara style dresses with wonderful reviews.

1. VERWIN African Dress Cap Sleeve Square Neck Floor-Length Geometric Mermaid Maxi Dress Long Dress

This dress is available from M to XL sizes. I love the patterns of blue Ankara styles. This colour is perfect for church and social functions. I loved this find because it’s one of the chic Ankara styles available. It is made of polyester and twilled satin material. It also has a soft feel. I love the detail and how it hugs the body and flows all the way down to the ankle.

This works best for me for church services and formal wedding introduction events. Note that the material is not your regular African print fabric. If you are expecting Ankara fabric, you will be disappointed. However, the Ankara print is on point.  I love that it is one of the latest trendy Ankara styles

African Dress Cap Sleeve Square Neck Floor-Length Geometric Mermaid

2. Yobecho Women’s African Print Dashiki Dress Long Fit and Flare Crop Top Skirt Outfits Maxi Dress with Pockets (Medium, Red1)

When looking for chic Ankara styles, be keen on the reviews and the fabric and the type of fabric described on the product. I don’t know about you but I always get fascinated by colours, fashion and design that most of the time I forget to check the type of fabric. This stunning A-line maxi dress is a lovely find; however, it is made of polyester material.

A few things should be taken into consideration when deciding to buy it one important aspect is the type of fabric. If Ankara prints are not in cotton fabric then this pick will not work for you. It is also a two-piece long maxi dress and a crop top. If you are medium-sized go for large since it is fitting at the top it will likely not fit if you pick medium. Also, if you have broad shoulders, it will maybe a challenge to get a fitting in your size.

Women's African Print Dashiki Dress Long Fit and Flare Crop Top Skirt Outfits Maxi Dress

3. Women’s Bodycon Dashiki African Midi Dresses Bohemian Vintage Club Dress with Pocket

This is one of my favourite latest short Ankara styles. As I said earlier, I am a sucker for short and sexy Ankara styles. This outfit is made of Dashiki African print with bodycon and elastic closure. I would definitely wear this nice Ankara style with sneakers. I find sneakers comfortable and you can wear them with just about any outfit.

However, if you are not a sneakers person you can also wear with flat sandals, flat closed shoes or with high heels. I find it most suitable for chilled out occasions, and it would also work for the club, an evening with a friend or just a casual afternoon out. It is one of the stunning Ankara styles with a V neck design and has two side pockets. It also has short sleeves

Bodycon Dashiki African Midi Dresses Bohemian Vintage Club Dress with Pocket

4. Shenbolen Women African Ankara Batik Print Traditional Clothing Casual Party Dress

A-line dresses are my favourites too. I especially love short dress Ankara styles. I love these designs as they tend to be comfortable. This particular design is made of African wax cotton fabric. You know what that means, that you have to be extra careful when placing the order.

You have to carefully read the sizes provided. This dress also has a zipper closure. This is one of the trending Ankara styles of 2020. As one of the latest female Ankara styles, this outfit is best suited for weddings, parties and other casual events. You will agree with me that it is a stylish mini party dress.

Women African Ankara Batik Print Traditional Clothing

5. CNJFJ Women’s African Print Plaid Midi Skirt Bodycon High Waist Floral Knee Length Pencil Skirts

This is arguably one of the chicest Ankara styles available. It is a perfect design for any lady who wants to make an impression. I especially love it because it also works well for those official events or even as an office wear outfit. The length is just right and the fit is perfect.

It’s available in small and large sizes. Sadly, the medium is not available however if it becomes available it is an outfit I would definitely consider buying. Again, when considering a purchase always remember to check the fabric. This outfit is made of polyester and Spanx. So, lower your expectations if you are waiting for African cotton fabric.

Women's African Print Plaid Midi Skirt Bodycon High Waist Floral Knee Length Pencil Skirts

My 5 Elegant Ankara Styles

I have always been fascinated by the latest Ankara styles. Growing up, my late mother’s wardrobe was full of decent Ankara styles. So much so that I will share my 5 modest Ankara styles.

Want to know the best part?

These designs are ready-made, the fabric is pre-selected, the design is also pre-selected. All you have to do is show up at the store, get a fitting of your choice then try them on.

And it gets better:

There is a seamstress available to make the exact fitting incase the outfit you desire doesn’t exactly fit you. Sometimes you may find that the top or the bottom does not fit as desired. The seamstress adjusts the dress accordingly.

These are my recently purchased Ankara styles. I bought all of them at Nguo Affordable located in Nairobi’s central business district. I love these pieces as they are cute Ankara styles which can be worn on multiple occasions. I have worn these outfits for various events from church events, weddings and casual weekend hangouts.

1. Green Ankara Styles and Yellow Fish design

I loved this as one of my stylish Ankara styles pieces. If you love this outfit, you have to go over to their shop and fit it. It is not exactly a size 10. It would have to be adjusted depending on your size. Also note that their dress sizes are not the generic letter sizes of medium, large or extra-large instead they use UK sizes

For instance, their smallest size is 6 while the largest is 22. I am not a perfect size 10. For most of my fittings, my top is size 8 while my bottom is size 10. When buying women Ankara styles, I always get adjustments at the top or at the bottom depending on the outfit design. I think if you order this outfit, you have to carefully take into consideration your size. If you order this design without the right adjustment you may end up disappointed.

Green Ankara Styles and Yellow Fish design

2. Green and Yellow Off Shoulder Fabulous Ankara Style

As you can see by now yellows and greens are the colours that catch my eye the minute I arrive at the shop. Without a doubt, these colours always stand out as fine Ankara styles. I love this off-shoulder African print dress. I love the detail on the shoulders. Knowing too well that I have broad shoulders, I felt this outfit would bring out the best in me, in addition, I love the body contour aspect of the design.

show ankara styles pictures of ankara styles

3. Green and Pinks Latest Ankara Dress Styles

Greens are my favourite African print colours; I got this unique cut again from Nguo Affordable. I loved this design first because the outfit is short. I wanted a variety of designs in terms of cut. As you can see from this one the cut at the neck is different from the other two nice Ankara styles. It is a comfortable fit and the sleeves are just right they are neither long or short but fit at the elbow.

photos of latest ankara styles Ankara dresses

4. A line Mixed Ankara Styles

This design has a mixture of colours but the ones that stand out are red and a hint of green. I love the length of the dress; it is neither long nor short. You, however, have to be careful with the fit at the top. Being an African cotton print, the fit is just right, I would recommend ordering a size bigger. This one though is size 8 at the top. The area where it would be a slight challenge in terms of the fitting is if I add weight around my torso

5. Short and beautiful latest Ankara styles

One of the different Ankara styles I enjoy wearing is short Ankara dresses. Why I love short dresses is the versatility in them. You can dress them casually, officially and in a modest way for a church service. My most favourite way of dressing up short African print dresses is with sneakers. Short dresses are also the latest beautiful Ankara styles.

This is my latest ladies Ankara styles from Nguo Affordable. I got it for a bargain too. I took advantage of their clearance sale. Unfortunately, I also wanted a maxi dress but the ones available in size 8 were too tight at the top and did not achieve the maxi length for me. However, I got this as one amazing short and fabulous Ankara styles that they had in stock at the time.

I love that it’s just the right size, short and sweet. I love to wear them with my favourite sneakers that blend in so well with the colours of this outfit. It is one of the latest female Ankara styles at Nguo affordable. If you are looking for beautiful latest Ankara styles in Nairobi be sure to stop by Nguo Affordable to get your fit. They also from time to time have amazing offers.

short african print dresses short anakara styles

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