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Staying At Serengeti Bushtops

There is a camp in the Serengeti and if you haven’t visited yet, it’s a high time you do, because everything at Serengeti Bushtops truly is from the top drawer.
Serengeti National Park is conic for several reasons. The obvious is the wildebeest migration. The less obvious dung beetles at work endlessly to clean up over 1250 tons of dung that are deposited by the migration every day. The few black rhinos that still roam various woodland in the park. The many – species of birds and other vertebrates that bring the Serengeti to life during the day and at night.

Serengeti Bushtops
Image by Serengeti Bushtops

Serengeti A Place For Everyone

The Serengeti which spans approximately 14,763 square km, is one of nature’s most impressive national parks. There’s a wide variety of breathtaking landscapes, grassy marshlands at the endless plains that originally gave Serengeti its name. There are secluded parts of the park visited by only a few and there are high use areas that cater to the crowds. There is no doubt that Serengeti offers something for everyone.

In the past, visitors flocked to Seronera, in the heart of Serengeti. Complete with an airstrip for easy arrivals and only three hours from the Ngorongoro Crater, Seronera is a welcoming destination. The Seronera River offers opportunities for spotting leopards, hippos and large herds of elephants. Nearby areas boast pride of lions and iconic backdrops for the perfect photos.

The park only encourages the construction of smaller boutique lodges. The Serengeti Bushtops is further and closer to the Kenyan border. The area boasts the Mara River which provides an array of wildlife species and vegetation. The migration often passes through this area twice a year providing an exhilarating view of the wildebeest versus the crocodile. Northern Serengeti was once synonymous with poaching.

Bandits frequently invaded ranger posts and security measures had to be increased. Concrete walls are still visible around most ranger posts created as the major form of defence. Visitor numbers to northern Serengeti have increased and so has security in the area.

The Mara River boasts some of the most amazing wildlife in the park, including many types of flora and birds. For bird watchers, there are over 350 species of birds that are drawn to the waters of the Mara River, the vast woodlands and the various swamps created by the river itself and nearby springs. The wood hoopoe with its long tail can also be spotted in the region along with the impressive African fish eagle with its distinctive call.

The Serengeti Bushtops provides a campfire to sit around and the night sounds are just as prevalent. You can fly or be adventurous and drive to the northern Serengeti. There is plenty of game viewing along the way and though the drive takes about four hours, it snakes past open plains, dense bushlands, lush green springs and jagged hills. The lodge is located in a bush and not along the Mara River.

The staff here are kind, professional and pay attention to detail. The camp from the first sight is stunning. Every tent is carefully placed on beautiful wooden decks above ground. Even the main tent and the reception tent were on stilts with incredible architecture.

Serengeti Bushtops is located in Wogakuria in the northwest of the Serengeti National Park. The Mara River is 24 km away and is a great location for sightseeing the annual wildebeest migration, breathtaking views to the southwest and every tent has a perfect vantage point towards the setting sun.

The lodge has twelve large tents each far enough from the others to offer you privacy and seclusion. Each tent is ensuite, open on three sides and very spacious, the verandas are large too. The floors are wooden, with comfortable beds and a private hot tub. There is also a family tent that comprises of two full-size tents liked with a bridge.

Serengeti Rooms
Image by Serengeti Bushtops

Oil lanterns line the pathways and wood carvings create the ambience in the evenings. All the structures, including staff tents, visitor tents, and kitchen are not permanent. While here you can take walking tours and see the beautiful scenery. There is a private butler who is on call for 24 hours a day. On arrival, you receive welcome drinks accompanied by small snacks. You will find your hot tub filled with warm water and full of bubbles. The tent comes complete with a fireplace, library, lounge area, full bar, dining room and an entire wall lined with wine, sundowners are served with tasty morsels: freshly roasted cashew nuts, as well as slices of cucumbers and carrots, served with sweet mustard dipping sauce.

To keep busy before dinner we headed down the campfire to enjoy drinks and watch the sunset. Dinner is served on a la carte menu with a complete dish to suit all your needs. If you are on honeymoon or in an intimate setting, dinner can be served on your private verandah. Bushtops operates as a boutique hotel so the small numbers of visitors mean that the staff know every guest by name making you feel very special.

How To Get There

By Air

From Arusha, landing at the Kogatende airstrip or by a private one way or return transfer from Mara Busthops airstrip at Siana Springs to Migori, transferring to Isabenia Border, then enjoy a scenic four hour drive through a fascinating bush country.

By Road

From Ngorongoro, Ndutu and the Southern Serengeti

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