Staying At Mbita Tourist Hotel

Mbita Tourist Hotel is located at the shores of Lake Victoria in Mbita. This budget hotel is in a prime location and easily the most pristine places in Kenya.

Getting There

There are two ways to get to Mbita, you can take a road trip or fly to Kisumu then drive to Luanda Kotieno where there is a ferry that takes you across to Mbita. The drive to Mbita is about 7 hours and 30 minutes and roughly 402 km. The drive gives you a chance to see sceneries and landscapes across the western region.

There are tour companies that offer tour services for the road trip, you can also hire a properly serviced car and self-drive all the way.  The flight from Nairobi to Kisumu is 1 hour and another 1 hour 45 minutes drive from Kisumu to Luanda Kotieno. Another hour on the Ferry from Luanda Kotieno to Mbita Tourist Hotel.

The Ferry has timings the first one leaves at 7 am, the second one at 1 pm and the last ferry of the day leaves at 5 pm. Be sure to plan your trips around the ferry times so that you do not have to wait for long or be left behind.

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The Hotel

Named after the town Mbita, the hotel has several double rooms and single room accommodation spaces. While visiting the hotel there was construction and looked like an expansion of more hotel rooms facing the lake. The hotel also has swimming that is under maintenance.

It offers a warmly welcome by the staff. On arrival, the first thing you will see in the parking lot, the reception right in front and the restaurant to the left. There is also a bar upstairs after the restaurant. As you go ahead you will see more outdoor sitting space and a lawn with several seats facing the lake.

The Rooms

Although the hotel says they have double rooms, you may have to specify which type of double room you require. There are double rooms with a single double bed and double rooms with twin beds. Unless specified you will receive a double room with a single large bed.

The rooms are cosy with the basic necessities. One thing I have learnt over the course of my travels around Kenya is the budget hotels do not offer anything extra except bathing soup. The more expensive ones offer shampoo, shower gel, shower cap and body lotion. For Mbita Hotel you will receive bathing soap only.

The rooms have internet connection but the signal is not very strong in the rooms. They also have a TV if you are a fan of television. The rooms are not super however they are also not too bad. This is a good option for travelling on a budget.

The rooms upstairs during our stay did not have water, we had to move severally to get rooms that accommodated everyone. I hope the issue of water pressure was resolved. Overall the service was great since the place is under renovation and construction I expect a better room experience next time I visit.

Mbita Tourist Hotel
Standard room at Mbita Tourist Hotel

Food and Drink

There is a wide array of Kenyan dishes. The most notable one is tilapia fish and Nile perch from the lake. From traditional meals such as ugali, traditional vegetables to more contemporary meals such as French fries and rice, the kitchen has you covered.

You can notify the reception the night before what time you would like your meals served. Mbita Tourist Hotel offers meals on a buffet. You can chat at the communal table or have an intimate meal depending on preference. The restaurant is set such that you can have your meals seated either as a large group or an intimate setting. If you are looking for cheap hotels in Mbita, then Mbita Tourist Hotel is one to consider.

More Information

Hotel: Mbita Tourist Hotel

Location: Mbita Town, Homa Bay County

Accommodation: Budget Hotel


Thank you Mbita Hotel, it was a lovely stay. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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Staying At Mbita Tourist Hotel


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