Lake Bogoria Spa Resort

Staying At Lake Bogoria Spa Resort

Where is Lake Bogoria Located?

The drive from Nairobi to the Lake Bogoria Spa Resort is an exhilarating one. Especially in the morning when climbing the edge of the Great Rift Valley which is characterized by spiralled roads with spectacular sprawling vies of the Rift Valley floor down under. The drive from Nairobi to Lake Bogoria takes approximately five hours.

On arrival, we were served with a fresh juice and a towel to freshen up before checking in to our cottages. The garden is beautiful and well-tended with a water fountain that gives you a relaxed and cool feeling right in front of the entrance of the main block.

The resort has 23 excellently furnished cottages. The cottages have 4 poster beds that are designed the Masaai way. This gives you a homely, spacious and luxurious feel. Inside each cottage is a flat-screened plasms TV self-contained and air-conditioned room. The standard rooms are wonderfully styled with rustic African furniture to complement the Safari experience and at the same time offer a warm cosy ambience where you can kick back and relax.

Lake Bogoria Spa Resort Room
Image Credit: Lake Bogoria Spa Resort

There are two exquisite VIP suites at the resort that are fully air-conditioned each with a 4 poster bed, a spacious lounge with leather seats overlooking the bay window, a fridge and a room telephone, working desk and a spacious ensuite bathroom sink, bathtub and shower.

Lake Bogoria Spa resort can be described as an Eden resort in a quite isolated cocoon of comfort. The resort is an oasis in the middle of the African savanna set in the acacia surrounding the floor of the rift valley against the backdrop of the eastern wall of the Tugen Hills in the west.

While strolling within the precincts of the resort, you can catch a glimpse of ostriches, monkeys, monitor lizard and a variety of birdlife, the hotel is truly a paradise for birdwatchers. A serene haven of relaxation and comfort. The eco-friendly design of the resort incorporates mature garden wilderness ambience suitcase and recreational spaces for team building activities, camping and retreats.

The resort is popularly known as the healing place because of the therapeutic values associated with the pool. I took a swim in the spa pool to experience the healing place and came out feeling rejuvenated. It is also believed to cure skin infections, the reason why there were so many people from all walks of life at the spa pool to relax, total unwinding and for a healthy experience.

You can also enjoy a leisure swim at the cold water pool-half the Olympic size with sunbeds and umbrella canopies. The perfect place to indulge and relax just for fun after a sunny day game drive. Lake Bogoria National Reserve is a five-minute drive from the resort. The main attraction of the Reserve, the lake is undoubtedly a sight to behold, it’s popularly known for the bubbling hot springs and steaming geysers. The springs erupt 2.5-3 meters into the air; however scenic the water is dangerously hot and you are to tread carefully.

From a distance you can catch a glimpse of the waterbucks and thousands of flamingos that flock the lake to add colour, turning the shores pink is simply an amazing sight. Animals can also be seen camouflaged in the bushy grasslands surrounding the lake. These include buffalos, zebras and impalas. The lake is the perfect spot to see the rare beautiful Greater Kudu.

Bogoria Spa Resort has acclaimed culinary experts who offer exciting cuisines both local and international. There is a set buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dinner is served in the exotic kudu restaurant accompanied by an array of exclusive wines served in an exotic and expansive open-air terrace with soothing poed music, a guarantee for you to enjoy a delicious meal.

The Bogoria Choma ranch is a speciality restaurant famous for the mouth-watering charcoal-grilled Bogoria mbuzi (roasted goat) and Kuku (roasted chicken). The ranch has four bandas that holds a maximum of six to eight people, with a wine holder made from acacia tree roots.

Lake Bogoria also has a garden that is spacious for weddings and private events. The resort is known for organizing a unique range of corporate events, all of which are supported with state of the art facilities. It is also set in a hidden landscape far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

How To Get There

Via Road: From Nakuru take the Kabarak route and follow the tarmac road for approximately 100km – take no turnings as it’s a straight road and take a right turn with the signpost “Lake Bogoria Spa Resort” and drive on for 18km to the hotel gate at an area known as Loboi.

Facilities and Activities

A conference centre that can accommodate a maximum of 80 people. It has a garden for wedding and retreats, team building and camping.

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Staying At Lake Bogoria Spa Resort


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