Staying At Kongoni Lodge In Nanyuki

I am on a mission to travel all of Kenya and in the process review hotels, I get the unique opportunity of staying at. I recently had the chance to spend 2 nights at Kongoni lodge located in Nanyuki. Read on my experience and travel tips as you plan your next getaway to Nanyuki.

I spent 2 nights at this lodge as I was en-route to Mount Kenya. Here is the link to my guide to Mount Kenya. Kongoni Lodge is about a 3-hour road trip from the city of Nairobi. It is located in Meru County and just outside Laikipia County. You can get here by private means, either your car, hire a vehicle or get a safari company to drive you down.

The History

Nanyuki Town is historically a settler town. It was a stopover for us to rest and prepare for our mountaineering journey ahead. We used the two days to prepare and shop for our camping trip to Mount Kenya National Park.

Kongoni Lodge sits on a 10-acre piece of land. It expanded its offering from just providing fine dining experience to providing accommodation for travellers. The lodge has 18 rooms and 2 large suites to cater for families and business guests.

The Lodge

Kongoni Lodge has a wide space huge driveway, lounge, restaurant, spa and swimming pool. I didn’t get to experience the pool and spa, as the weather at the time did not allow me to. However, being a fitness enthusiast, I had an awesome experience working out by the poolside. It was relaxing and breathtaking, to say the least.

One thing that stood out for me at Kongoni Lodge is their love for conserving the environment. Their complimentary toiletries are all in recycled bottles.

In my view, the lodge would be a great option for families that want to travel together as they have rooms specifically for large families. The lodge has two executive rooms that cater to families.

There is a wide array of food tasty food choices too.


Kongoni Lodge has rooms in three formats: single room, double and a twin room. I stayed in a single room occupancy for a night. I loved the space and cosy effect of the room.

I also had another opportunity to experience other types of rooms which are known as Rondvales. These are round traditional thatched cottages. I especially loved these rooms. I loved the interiors. These rooms are also set up in three formats: single, double and twin formats. In addition to special request, the rooms can be made to accommodate families at an extra cost.


Located just an hour from Mount Kenya National Park, this is the perfect spot to acclimatize and prepare for your journey ahead. The lodge is located at a strategic location around Laikipia and its environs. There are various attractions that surround the lodge such as Mount Kenya, Ngare Ndare, Ol Pejeta Conservancy and Samburu National Reserve.

The lodge also has exciting activities within its premises such as a bar where you can relax and unwind, swimming, a garden that’s perfect for families who have travelled together. It’s an ideal space to have brunch as the kids run around the garden. and a relaxing spa. The lodge is also an ideal location for corporates who want to have their strategic meetings away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a day.

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