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The highlight of beach getaways in Kenya is spending time at serene beaches in by the shores of Lake Turkana. I spent 4 days at Eliye Springs Resort by the shores of Lake Turkana. During this time, I explored this beautiful corner of Kenya and got to sample this beach property. If you are ready for a bucket list beach getaway, then this is the place to go.

Eliye Springs Resort
Eliye Springs Resort

Next to the Jade sea, Eliye is a beach lover’s dream destination. The resort is right next to the alkaline lake. Eliye Springs has a lot to offer you if you want to experience serenity by the cool alkaline waters.

Lake Turkana
At the shores of Lake Turkana

Boat trips to the centre of the lake, evening swims, morning walks by the shores of the lake, relaxing outside the rooms and watching the milky way or laze around hammocks are just some of the few activities you can experience while at Eliye Springs Resort.

Lake Turkana boat rides

The staff here are warm, something which made the stay here even more memorable.

The Rooms At Eliye Springs

If there is one thing that is a highlight of my stay at Eliye Springs, it’s the Boma where we stayed.  The resort has two accommodation options. I stayed in a Boma. I really enjoyed it. From the architecture to the interior design and the location made the stay here memorable. There are also room options. Although I did not stay in a room, the aesthetics were not as inviting as those of the Boma.

Eliye Springs Outside Boma
Views of the lake from the Boma

The Boma is inspired by the Turkana traditional house. They are made of locally available reed plants that grow naturally around the area. The interiors are made of modern furnishings, each fitted with tiles in the washrooms and cosy beds.

Eliye Springs Boma

The bomas and rooms also have seats and if you are on a working holiday you can spend some time working from the desk. I also loved the seats outside the patios of the Bomas.

The rooms are regular rooms with regular beds and not much aesthetic value in them. I also did not like the fact that in the evenings, large insects such as bugs and spiders would emerge from the bathroom drainage. I didn’t like the set up of the rooms.

However, if you are travelling on a budget then the rooms would be your best option as they are much cheaper than the Boma. I loved the Bomas although more expensive than the rooms, I felt the value for money because of the experience I had staying here.

Food At Eliye Springs Resort

The food is served a la carte style and the chef had specials every day. I especially loved the fish menu. The fish is caught from the Lake and it tastes different from the fish in Lake Victoria. This could be due to the alkaline effect of the lake.


Drinks are charged separately from room and board. So take note while planning for your stay here.

I loved the resort’s way of conserving the environment by reducing the use of plastics. Every guest who checks into the resort gets a reusable water bottle.

Water Bottle

Activities At Eliye Springs

One of my highlights here was swimming every evening and night time. The water was cool and the alkaline effect too was relaxing. I also enjoyed the boat rides to Central Islands National Park which is an hour away from the resort.

Visiting Ferggusson bay and seeing the fishing communities here was another learning experience for me. I also enjoyed spending time with the Turkana communities that lived near the resort. I had the opportunity to learn their culture and see how the women here were so creative in making beadwork.

More Information

Hotel: Eliye Springs Resort

Location: Turkana, Kenya

Accommodation: Budget Rooms and Luxury Bomas

You can also watch the VLOG to Turkana in Kenya that features an experience of my stay at Eliye Springs

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  • melissa

    What a unique experience! I love that the resort gives you water bottles; it is wonderful when resorts encourage eco-tourism! Thanks for sharing!

  • Tania Muthusamy

    I haven’t seen a boma before. It looks quite comfortable, and the view of the lake from the boma is so lovely.

  • Cass

    Seriously looks like a wonderful place to stay, what a cool way to travel

  • Marisa

    Kenya has seriously always been on my bucket list

  • Sage Scott

    I love how more and more establishments are doing their part to reduce single-use plastics and reinforce refillable water bottles! This looks like a great place to stay in Turkana, Kenya!

    • Sharon Lumbasi

      Thats one of the things I loved most about this establishment.

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