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Resort and Hotel Video Production Services

Elevate Your Marketing with Video Content

Our process takes four stages from pre-production to delivery of the project.


During the pre-production phase we work hand in hand with the client to brainstorm on concepts that will eventually become production briefs tailor made to make your story unique. Before production starts the client will know what to expect when we start filming. Our videos will be tailor-made to suit your current strategy.


We use professional video equipment that captures both aerial and ground videos. On arrival the team will do a recce to check out the best places to capture the best areas of your property and come up with a shot list. Develop a story line-based shot we have envisioned and also in line with your marketing strategy. Here is a video tour of a Hotel La Mada boutique hotel in Nairobi


In addition to video content, we also provide photography services that complements the video content and the digital assets for marketing material. This will provide an photo library for your website and content development for social media.


We work on editing the both video and photos taken during production. We edit all the footage in our edit suite. We ensure to bring out the best elements of your hotel and in addition that which aligns with your overall communication strategy.

We provide you with videos in different formats depending on how you would like the content distributed. The videos will be edited according to each social media specification. The videos can be edited to the following specs delivered to suit all distribution formats and reformatted to suite various screens and device sizes.

  • Instagram reels
  • Instagram IGTV
  • Instagram and Facebook videos
  • WhatsApp videos
  • YouTube trailers
  • YouTube Videos

Now more than ever before hotel video production is essential for any hotel wishing to showcase its services as social media channels are heavily promoting video content to reach more people. Get in touch today and inquire about your video strategy. Watch more videos here.