Discover Mombasa a city on the coastal side of Kenya. Mombasa is one of the oldest destinations in Kenya with a rich history and culture

Mombasa has an array of tours available to fit your budget. Below you will find a list of tours available for a trip to Mombasa. These operators are verified by Trip advisor.

Mombasa tours include everything from facts about the history of the old town, that still retains most of its architecture and way of life to date.

Mombasa tours are popular among locals including international tourists coming from Nairobi to enjoy the sun and sand.

Support local tour guides as you discover the best in Kenya’s local coastal culture, from the food, restaurants, architecture to the white sandy beaches.

These tours can range from day tours to tours that go up to 3 days. The longer tours can have itineraries that connect you through Amboseli National Park, Tsavo East or Tsavo West National Park

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Best Mombasa Tours

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