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Malindi – 8 Interesting Things To Do

About Malindi

Discover Malindi a town in coastal Kenya. It lies along the Indian Ocean. It is blessed with tropical beaches, beautiful hotels and resorts.

It has an array of tours available to fit your budget. Below is a list of verified tours available for Malindi.

Malindi tours are not just for visitors, locals too are guaranteed to learn more about their own town’s history.

Support a local by tembea Kenya to discover Malindi. Join one of the tours below to help small businesses while enjoying a social distanced day with friends and family.

Malindi is one of Kenya’s best kept secrets in terms of beach destinations. One this that stands out at the Malindi coastline is the golden beaches. Malindi is known for its laid-back culture, Swahili inspired architecture and a lot of Italian influence. To add to this, the sunny and warm weather.

Malindi is an old town founded around the 1st century AD. It is the second largest town at the Kenyan Coast after Mombasa. You can get to Malindi either by air and land at Malindi airport or board one of the buses from Nairobi at a cost of KES. 2,000 (approx. $20). Flight costs range from KES. 4,000 – 10,000 depending on the season and time of travel.

You can get around Malindi via taxi or the most popular mode of transport being tuk tuks and motorbikes. Tuk tuks cost an average of KES.200 depending on how far you are going and motorbikes cost between KES. 50 to KES.100

If you haven’t visited Malindi before, here is a run-down of things to do when you visit.

Visit the Malindi Museum

The Malindi museum currently holds temporary exhibitions. Also known as the house of columns, the building was constructed in 1891 and is located in Malindi town and accessible from anywhere in the town. The museum is small compared to the National Museums located in Nairobi a sharp contrast to the rich history that Malindi has. 

Inside the museum you will find a small collection of books, pictures and other artefacts. Being a small museum the you will spend at least 30 minutes walking around. The place opens at 8 am and closes at 6 pm and the entrance cost is KES 500 per person. Learn more about the Museum here

The Statue of Mekatelili Wa Menza

This statue is located at Uhuru Gardens in Malindi town, opposite the Malindi Museum. Mekatelilli Wa Menza was a Giriama hero who mobilized her people to take up arms against the British colonial rule. The sculpture is fenced and the full details of her story are all on the display next to the statue.

The Vasco Da Gama Pillar

Vasco Da Gama was a Portuguese explorer who built the pillar in 1498. The purpose of building the pillar was to give direction to others who were looking for the route to India. It now stands at the edge of the Indian Ocean as a historic monument.

Maraafa Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s kitchen is located in Maraafa, a village in Malindi. It consists of sandstone canyon. The canyon has an interesting folklore story behind it. The locals believe that around the 17th century there was once a family that was very rich who lived among poor people. Despite their wealth, the family did nothing to support their poor neighbors.

The family would wash their clothes with milk instead of sharing it with their poor neighbours who needed it more. As a result, God was annoyed by their actions and he cursed and punished the family. The punishment was torrential rainfall.

The neighbors heard a loud noise at night and on checking the rich family had vanished.  Since then, the landscape is as it is and it is highly valued by locals for its sacredness. People go this area to pray to their gods.

A Tour of Gede Ruins

Gede ruins is an archeological site that existed between the 15th and 16th centuries. The ruins remain an amazement to visitors. It had an advanced settlement with a main entrance, palaces, and various mosques in addition there is evidence to show streets and running water.

Gede was a cosmopolitan town with artefacts from as far as china. A recent excavation of a mosque was done near the entrance in 2004. Next to the Gede ruins is the Bio Ken snake park. This park is a research center that studies snakes and reptiles with a special focus on snake bites.

Experience the Mambrui sand dunes

These are beautiful sand dunes that border the Indian Ocean. It’s a magnificent site to see as on one side is sand dunes and the other side is the ocean view.

Visit River Sabaki

Joining the sand dunes on the other side of the ocean is River Sabaki. This is one of the longest rivers in Kenya. It comes second after river Tana. The river starts as a small water body in Embakasi, that flows all the way to Athi River.

It continues to flow and meet Tsavo river and at some point, of this convergence of Tsavo and Athi rivers emerges River Galana. It then flows and arrives in Malindi as River Sabaki. The river then flows into the Indian Ocean. River Sabaki is rich in wildlife and bird life. You will find on one side large hippo families and further away before the water gets salty you will also see crocodiles up stream.  

The villages around river Sabaki are also places to visit as you hear local’s tales of how they cannot leave their homes past 7 pm because of hippo invasions and taking over the villages after dark.

Walk along the tropical golden beaches

Near the Mambrui sand dunes you will notice the color of the beaches is golden. Enjoy the beautiful colored pristine beaches. Take a walk from the sand dunes all the way down to the beach to experience the charm effect. You can better your experience by hiring a camel and taking a ride through the sand dunes.

The best time to visit Malindi is in mid-July to mid-October

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