List of Best Hotels In Lamu

A list of the best hotels you will find in Lamu Island Kenya

1.Manda Bay

An intimate boutique hotel located in Manda Bay on the Lamu archipelago

2. Fatuma’s Tower

A warm and welcoming place located on Shela in Lamu adorned with Swahili artefacts. Located in a convenient area of Lamu the guest house retains a lot of Swahili history seen from the artefacts.

3. Kijani House

Perfectly located a few minutes from the Indian ocean on Shela village. Experience tranquility on you your vacation here

4. Banana House

A place of tranquility located on Shela village and 1 minute from the ocean, Banana house is a retreat center and boutique hotel.

5. Msafini Hotel

Located a minute from the water front on Shela village in Lamu Island. Msafini offers bed and breakfast and half board room options for guests.

6. Shela Bahari

Shela Bahari is a guest house on Shela village in Lamu Island that offers bed and breakfast deals and just a minute away from the water front.

7. Janaatan Hotel

Located inside Shela village and a 5 minute walk from the water front. Experience the life inside Lamu’s Shela village from Janaatan hotel

8. Peponi Hotel

Peponi Hotel is located towards the end of Shela village on Lamu Island. An intimate boutique hotel where you get to experience sun and sand.

9. Majilis Resort

The Majilis is a luxury resort located in Lamu Island and a minute away from the beach.

10. Lamu House

Lamu House is a collection of unique apartments located in Lamu old town. A chance to experience the historic views and life of the coastal people while staying here.

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