Keeping Fit While On The Road

How To Stay Fit On The Road

Staying fit for travel should be a priority for you especially if you are a frequent traveller as it helps with all other aspects of your life both on the road and when you get back home. It also helps with other aspects of your healthy lifestyle while away from your usual routine. How to keep fit and how to stay fit while travelling is definitely a challenge for me every time I am on the road as there are other competing priorities that require my attention. If not checked you may find yourself with no time to exercise.

Travelling is fun, the experience can be great while at the same time it can also be exhausting. I love working out and one of the biggest challenges I experience while on the road is keeping and staying fit.

Are you trying to stay in shape while travelling for work or vacation?

I share with you how I stay fit while travelling and I hope to inspire you to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the road. There is the hope of getting back in shape as I show you how to stay physically fit.

How To Stay Healthy and Fit

I always try to stay active and take part in supplementary activities that complement the conventional gym and home workouts. While on the road, it’s so hard to keep up with gym life. I must admit working out while away is never the same feeling as to how to stay fit and healthy while in the gym.

Here are three simple workouts that I do to help with losing weight while travelling. They include; cardio, lower body and full-body workouts that you can do from the comfort of your hotel room, around the hotel premises or anywhere away from your regular gym.

These are simple workouts to keep in shape.

Cardio workout

Lower body workout

Full body workout

As I continue with my travel adventures, there are a few things I am learning to adopt while on the road with regard to how to stay fit and healthy:

Make the travel day a rest day as you will definitely be tired from either the flight or the road trip. This is because while on the road, from my experience my mind is mostly preoccupied with things I will see on the way to my destination.

While planning your trip check out the accommodation to see whether it has gym facilities. If it does not have to check the space of the rooms you will be staying in to see if you can make room to do hotel room exercises, or ask the management if you can use some space within the compound to do some exercises to stay fit.

How To Lose Weight While Traveling


One of the ways to stay in shape is through swimming. While on tour to the Northern Frontier, I used swimming as one of the ways to keep fit and healthy. I did this mostly at Lake Turkana. I also did a lot of swimming in Samburu while staying at Sarova Shaba Lodge. Take advantage of the facilities around the hotel you are staying at. It may not have a gym but you can use the swimming pool as a way of keeping fit and healthy.

Swimming at Sarova Shaba Game Lodge

Improvising with available tools

I love strength training with weights, however, most of the hotels I have been to do not have gyms, so I am forced to improvise on how to keep fit and healthy. Where I go and a gym is unavailable, I improvise with the facilities available. For instance, I can use a chair, bed to do arm workouts, leg workouts like in the video demonstrations above.

I did some hotel workouts while at Kongoni Lodge in Nanyuki. The lodge has a huge garden near the pool where you can relax and do a workout in the process. I found it an ideal location to do workouts like yoga and Pilates especially when you travel during the low season.


Hiking is a great way to keep fit. Most of the hiking destinations do not have the luxury of a gym facility as most are camping sites. While in Mt. Kenya and Aberdare, I worked out by taking short hikes given the environment I was in.

Hiking in Mount Kenya National Park

Maintaining Balance

Another challenge is staying on course with my fitness goals. The art of striking a balance between staying away from the normal gym schedule and creating a schedule that works when I am away for a certain period of time.

Eating Healthy on The Road

How to eat healthy on the road is just as important as how to stay fit while travelling. Check your diet carefully while travelling and here are some tips to stay fit and healthy.

Pack some healthy snacks and when making a booking, request the hotel to give you a mini-fridge to keep your snacks.

Eat one meal that’s heavy and the next meal can be a light one. For instance, most hotels have continental breakfast, therefore have a healthy heavy breakfast. The preceding meals can be light. You can, for example, have salads only for lunch and a light dinner.

Carry non-perishable snacks like peanuts that you can snack on while on the road. Snacking helps you avoid eating junk food at stopovers.

How to Keep Fit and Healthy and Make It a Priority

  • Make your travel day your rest day. Do not mix travel and workouts.
  • I prepare myself psychologically. A day after arrival at the hotel I check out my itinerary. If the activities involve being active say, for instance, taking a day hike, I consider that a workout.
  • Add your workout in your itinerary either as the main activity, for instance, hiking, swimming or working out in the hotel room
  • Stay hydrated and drink lots of water.
  • If travelling as a group let the rest of your group members know that you intend to do some keep fit exercises during the trip. If you have a relaxed day, plan to have a workout either early in the morning or late in the evening.
  • Prepare your workout sequences in advance as this helps you prepare your session mentally. If following a workout video, have them cued in advance so that you do not waste a lot of time trying to figure out which workout follows which
  • I always pack gym attire for all my travels because you never know what lies ahead in terms of staying active. So, a pair of trainers, gym shorts or pants, a sports bra and top come in handy for the workout.
  • Don’t skip meals, snack, make rest a priority and ensure that you add workouts to the itinerary.

How do you stay motivated and on track while travelling? Share in the comments below.

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