Hotel Chambai Safari

Hotel Chambai Safari, Best Hotels In Naivasha

Hotel Chambai Safari is located in Naivasha town. I share my review and impressions of the hotel in this blog post. I stayed at the hotel during the pandemic, when most of the hotels in Naivasha were closed. I stayed in this hotel during my tour of Hell’s Gate National Park.

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Hotel Chambai Safari rooms

Hotel Chambai Safari has 44 rooms that offer, free Wi-Fi, closet space, a television, a mirror and a dressing table. The rooms are also decorated with Kenyan culture inspired paintings. The one in my room was that of a Masaai Moran.

Each room’s décor is themed differently. The theme in my room had a dark brown furniture. The side cupboard and two-seater coach are dark brown. These matched the bed posts which also have the same colour as the seat and cupboard.

The curtains and beddings are white in colour with brown flowers and brown themed sashes and pillows. The bed is also fitted with a mosquito net. Each room is ensuite with a shower, toilet and sink.

There are two closets which are big enough to accommodate wardrobe for tourists on long stays. Each room has a provision for 2 500ml bottles of water, a kettle for boiling water to take tea and coffee.

Hotel Chambai Safari also has self-catering rooms that have a homely feel. The self-catering rooms come equipped with a fridge, cooker, cooking utensils, kitchen counter and a living room space which has a 5-seater couch set with a television and cabinet.


The hotel has one restaurant that serves buffet meals with a variety of African menus. Guests also have the option of ordering a la carte meals. Special requests are also available upon advance request.


 The hotel has a huge parking space with ample security. With its close proximity to Nairobi, this is an ideal place for travelers on road trips looking for a weekend away from the city.

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