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Don’t we all wish to travel to destinations and stay at luxury hotels? However most if not all of us do not want to break a bank when spending money for your holiday. We all like to get the best deals available. In regard to luxury accommodation you have two options. First you choose whether you want to get the cheapest price for that room or secondly, whether you want to pay extra. Below I share tips for saving your cash and getting the best hotel booking deals that luxury hotels have to offer.

Hotel Booking Inspiration

You can get inspiration to book your next hotel through a number of ways:

Watch my YouTube videos where I share hotel tours and also to get hotel booking inspiration

Visit my Instagram page where I share more tips and photos of inspiration of hotels, I have stayed in.

Be inspired by my blog where I post my top ten lists of places, I have had the opportunity to visit.

Read travel magazines such as Nomad Africa and Travel & Leisure to give you inspiration. I love the Nomad as it mainly focuses on Kenyan destinations.

If you are focused on Luxury travel go on over to Kiwi Collection that features some of Kenya’s most luxurious hotels

Off course there is Trip Advisor which I am sure you have visited a couple of times to get reviews

There is a Facebook Group called Wanderlust Diaries that features travellers who share their travel experiences from around the world

Booking Last Minute

Always make your bookings in advance and avoid booking last minute. You will find that top luxury hotels will more often than not sell out months in advance. Most luxury hotels also do not offer last minute deals.

When you want to save some cash, travel off season in Kenya.  However, try to avoid going to some areas in the low season. For instance, if you travel to Maasai Mara before the migration you will find yourself disappointed despite having saved up some money to get cheap hotel deals.

Cheap Hotel Deals

The best place to find cheap hotel deals is through an aggregator site. Such sites include Travel payouts, Expedia hotel,, Hotels combined among others. They give you price options at depending on the amount of money you want to spend

An Example

Once you have gone through the hotel search engines, compare the prices you have at the site with those at the main hotel’s site to confirm that you are indeed getting a good deal. Hotels also have special offers in their official sites and these help you save lots of money too.

Ever thought of using discount coupons? They are all over the internet. All you have to do is google the hotel name then add coupon. Some do have discount coupons on their rates.

One of the perks of getting discounts is signing up for the aggregator sites newsletters or hotel newsletters as they send their discounts via email.

Some hotels have loyalty programs you can sign up for these programs and get discounts and deals offered.

I hope you found these tips helpful. I you would like to get weekly tips and travel inspiration. Subscribe to my blog.


  • Kara and Family

    Very helpful and useful tips on how to book a hotel online! Thank you for this :)!

    • Sharon Lumbasi

      You are welcome, thanks for visiting!

  • Harriett K Seager

    I absolutely love Africa but it has been years since I visited. This will be really helpful if and when I manage to go back! Thank you, such a great service to review hotels via videos too 🙂

    • Sharon Lumbasi

      Great to know this. Once the borders are fully open you can always come back and review

  • Annetta

    These are all great tips! Masai is on my bucket list of places to visit now.

    • Sharon Lumbasi

      Oh! You will love Masaai Mara, it is the most popular game reserve in Kenya.

  • Karen

    Great tips. I read Travel and Leisure magazine but I have not heard of Nomad Africa or Kiwi collection. I must check into these.
    Are you a travel agent?

    • Sharon Lumbasi

      They are Kenyan local magazines, if you want to know more about Kenya travel then they will be the best place to check out.

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