Guide To Planning a Trip To Lake Baringo Kenya

Lake Baringo is located in Rift Valley Kenya. It is a fresh water lake that locals depend on for their basic needs. Lake Baringo has experienced rising waters since 2013. This has caused displacement of people’s homes, schools and hotels. The causes of the flooding are caused by years of deforestation, siltation and unusual heavy rains in 2020. The flooding has caused a blow to tourism in the area, one of the major economic activities in Lake Baringo. All the hotels that used to be near the lake are now submerged, with owners having major losses.

Lake Baringo is one of the best places in Kenya to view Eagles as they hunt for prey. This lake can be considered a bird watchers paradise. More than 470 species have been recorded in Lake Baringo.

Everyone in Lake Baringo is struggling to stay above water.

Know before you go

Lake Baringo is managed by the county government of Baringo and a warden is in charge. However, when I visited the Campi ya Samaki there was no warden at the gate to collect the visitor fees. Entrance fee per person for residents is Ksh. 200 and Ksh. 100 per car. The lake is also part of Lake Baringo National Reserve and entrance fees per person is Ksh. 2000 per adult, Ksh. 500 per child Ksh. 200 per vehicle.

How to get to Lake Baringo

There are two ways to get to Baringo. The first way is by taking a chartered flight from Wilson Airport in Nairobi. The second way is taking a road trip from Nairobi which is about a 5-hour drive from Nairobi.

Things to do in Lake Baringo

The main attraction to Baringo is a visit to the lake, to view birds. It is also a place of relaxation and while here you can also take day trips to Lake Bogoria that is a few kilometres from Lake Baringo. Boat safaris are the most popular tours to take to the lake and your guide can take you through various routes.

Take a tour to Ol Kokwe Island that is located in the middle of the island and the Njemps people occupy it. The Njemps are proficient fishermen and still maintain their traditional style of fishing.

See the devastation that the lake has done to the surrounding areas of Baringo. Effects of

Climate change, deforestation of the Mau are among the things that have caused the lake to rise. The lake is fed by the Ol Arabel and El Molo Rivers.

Walking tours along the lake was another activity to do before the lake burst its banks and flooded properties near it.

Take a cultural tour to the villages within and see the lifestyle of the Njemps and the Pokot people who live around Baringo.

Watch sunrises and sunsets from the lake. These are amazing views to watch.

Take a day tour to Lake Bogoria. Lake Bogoria, is about an hours drive from Lake Baringo. A few years ago this Lake used to be a popular spot to see geysers. However over the years the lake has experienced flooding just like Lake Baringo. On our visit the entrance was locked as the waters had invaded the administration offices. The lake was closed due to flooding

Best Time To Visit Lake Baringo

The best time to visit Lake Baringo is between October and April. This is especially if you are going there for bird watching.

It is unfortunate that the flooding has really affected tourism in the area surrounding lake Baringo and Lake Bogoria.

Places to stay in Baringo

Most of the places to stay in Baringo have been affected by floods. The hotels and lodges that were by the shore are now submerged.

The one recommended place to stay in Baringo is Sandai Resort. The resort is a few kilometers away from Lake Baringo and here you can take a drive to the lake for the tours and not have to be worried about the flooding that is currently affecting Lake Baringo.

I could consider the resort a 3 star one. It has rooms as well as bandas as rooms for guests. Meals are either on full board, half board or bed and breakfast. The resort also has a pool where guests can relax and swim.

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