group trips

Group Trips Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I reserve my spot for one of your trips?

The best way to reserve a spot is to let me know that you are interested in one of the group trips by filling in the form. Each trip has a form so check out the trip you are interested in to get started.

2) How do I make a deposit to reserve my spot?

Once I get your interest, I will check if there are spots available then I will update you. You will need to send a deposit to reserve your spot. I will let you know the cost of the deposit depending on the destination you are interested in going to. Pay your deposit via PayPal. I will communicate the PayPal details as I respond to you.

3) Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. Depending on the dates of the trip, I offer payment plans of 3, 5 and 7 months. All payment details will be given to you in advance.

4) How do I make a monthly payment?

I accept payments via Paypal

5) What is the group trip itinerary?

Each itinerary is based on the attractions and adventures found in each destination which I found most fun when I did the trip. The itinerary will include bucket list destinations, amazing places to take photos and getting immersed in to the destination’s local culture.

Each group trip itinerary is customized based on the attractions and adventures I found the most fun and exciting when I traveled there myself. It will be a mix of the bucketlist destinations, great photo spots, and places to absorb each country’s culture!

6) Who will I be rooming with on the trip?

Rooming is done through random selection. If you are traveling with a friend or would have a preference of having one of the people you are traveling with let me know and I shall make it happen.

7) Are flights included in the group trip price?

Flights are not included in the group trip price and here is why. I have different people from different locations around the world. I am available to offer advice on when to fly and the best way to find your flights.

8) What should I wear/bring with me on the trip?

Packing tips and advice is available for you. Destinations like Tanzania are conservative and it’s important to dress conservatively.

9) Do I need travel insurance?

I recommend that you buy travel insurance.