Dagaa In Coconut Sauce Recipe

This blog post is going to share with you a delicious recipe of Dagaa in coconut sauce. The scientific name of this fish species is the silver cyprinid (Rastrineobola argentea). It is the Lake Victoria sardine or Omena a species of pelagic, freshwater ray-finned fish.

Dagaa, as is popularly known by Kenyan locals as Omena, is loved by many and at the same time frowned upon by many. Those who frown upon it have had awful experiences and this is because of the style of cooking. A friend of mine…Josephine shared this recipe with pictures on how to prepare tasty dagaa in coconut source. Tried and tasted, its a delicious recipe.

What makes it very delicious is the fact that it is deep-fried first before the gravy and stew are prepared.


The fried dagaa is another delicious delicacy on its own. You can have it as a snack too,


🔹Omena fish| Dagaa fish
🔹Cooking oil
🔹Garlic (optional)
🔹Spices (garam masala, cumin, curry powder, beef cubes)
🔹Tomato paste
🔹Coconut milk

Omena recipe Kenya

🔹How do wash Omena before cooking is by washing the  Omena in room temperature water 3 times before you deep fry it
🔹Heat your oil enough to deep fry the Omena

🔹Deep fry Omena until golden brow. This helps to remove the bitterness from the Omena.

🔹In the same pan used to deep fry, the omena reduce the oil then add onions and cook until golden brown add garlic(optional)

🔹Add grated tomatoes and optional to add tomato paste and mix. This is how you prepare Omena wet fry.

🔹Add your favourite spices or choose none

🔹Add fried omena to the mixture

🔹Stir the mixture until all the ingredients are well mixed
🔹Add coconut milk

🔹Add a little bit of water and let it simmer for 5 minutes

🔹When ready serve with ugali and vegetables.

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