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About Me

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Hey, I’m Sharon a Kenyan based writer who loves to write everything about Kenya Travel.

Kenya Travel Blog
Posing in one of my fav Ankara pieces

I am in the process of empowering myself to travel and see the world. But first I would love to experience the beauty that Kenya Travel has to offer. I hope to inspire you to visit Kenya. I will share my personal journeys, research and travel tips on this blog for women travellers around the world. I currently live in Nairobi Kenya.

In this blog too, I will be sharing my passion for dance fitness so once in a while you will get a blog post about my fitness journey. Something else that I love is Ankara fashion so from time to time I will be sharing my experience in purchasing or using Ankara fabric products. I hope too that you will learn a thing or two from my experiences.

At one of my happy places – The Gym 🙂

East Africa and Kenya Travel adventure awaits here

Kenya Travel

I hope to inspire you to travel to Kenya and explore one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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