Christs Statue Lodwar Town

7 Day Road Trip Itinerary to Turkana County 

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Turkana is a county is on the furthest corner near the borders of Kenya and Ethiopia and Kenya and Sudan. It is therefore understandable why this county is very far and few people ever venture out to discover its beauty. Turkana county and the shores of the lake are one of those places you have to experience and feel the atmosphere.

This itinerary will last 7 days and 6 nights. The activities will include touring Lodwar, Kalokol, Central Island National Park, spending time by the shores of the lake, boat rides, enjoy the rich Turkana culture and swimming.

Walks along the beaches of Lake Turkana

Day 1 – Arrive Nairobi

If coming from abroad, arrive Nairobi and check into a hotel or Airbnb relax and get ready for the long trip to the Northern Frontier.

Day 2 -Travel From Nairobi to Kitale Town

Drive from Nairobi to Kitale Town. Arrive Kitale after a 7-hour drive and transfer to the hotel. Welcome drinks as you relax from the trip as you unwind and prepare for the next day’s trip to Lodwar. It’s a free afternoon so you have time to get enough rest for the upcoming day trip. From Crane Suites Hotel in Kitale, you can see views of Mount Elgon. If not too tired too you can take a short walk and tour the Kitale Museum.

Day 3 – Travel From Kitale Town to Lodwar

After an early breakfast, you will take another day’s drive to Lodwar town. You will pass through Kapenguria town. From here the road network changes to sandy roads. Watch my road trip experience here. This is a 5-hour drive and another 2-hour drive from Lodwar town to Eliye Springs Resort. Once you arrive in Lodwar town. Take a 1-hour lunch break at Stegart Hotel or any other nearby hotel in Lodwar town. Take another hour to tour to The Catholic Archdiocese of to see the expanse views of Lodwar town and Christ’s statue that resembles the Christ’s Statue of Rio De Janeiro.

Christ's Statue Lodwar Kenya

Day 4 – Tour Turkana County

After breakfast, experience the vastness of Turkana county. Visit nearby villages, experience the Turkana culture, get some entertainment and promote the women by purchasing their goods. Spend the morning hour walking along with the beach experience the beautiful sunrise. Have breakfast and spend the rest of the morning relaxing around the resort. Turkana tends to be hot and it is advisable to do the village tour in the afternoon. This tour can last at least an hour. After this tour spends the rest of the evening relaxing and have dinner at the exterior of the resort.

Day 5: Central Island National Park

After an early breakfast plan to take a one-hour boat ride to Central Island National Park. This park is located in the centre of Lake Turkana. The boat ride can start at around 7 am after the waters of the lake have calmed down. Get ready to take a few hikes around the 3 crater lakes in the Park. You can arrange to have a KWS ranger take you. You have to make prior arrangements to this as Eliye Springs is 2 hours from Lodwar Town where the KWS offices are located. A boat can be hired from the resort too. You will spend the rest of the morning here touring and hiking through the 3 crater lakes.

Leave the park and go to Kalokol town at Fergusson Bay where you can tour another fishing village. See locals fishing and learn their process of harvesting and drying fish for export. After this, you can go back to the hotel for late lunch and spend the afternoon relaxing and swimming in the evening. Spend your final night at Eliye Springs Resort.

Central Islands National Park in Lake Turkana

Day 6: Turkana to Kitale

Leave Eliye Springs Turkana early in the morning, heading to Kitale for a one night stay and rest before heading back to Nairobi.

Day 7: Kitale to Nairobi

Leave Kitale early morning for another drive to Nairobi. You can opt to drive straight to the airport if coming from abroad or spend a night in Nairobi relaxing before your flight back home.


I have spent time at Eliye Springs Resort as its close to the beach. Here you will get the full beach experience while at the same time have the opportunity to swim, tour the National Park and experience the Turkana villages nearby.

Eliye Springs Resort Turkana



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