In this blog post we share with you 10 places to learn Kenya’s culture in Nairobi. To understand us and our way of life you need to visit these places if not all. It would be a tragedy to come to Nairobi and the only thing you remembered was traffic jams and the food you ate at the hotel you stayed in.

Railway Museum

You may have heard of the lunatic express, the name given to the rail road built between Kenya and Uganda by the British colonial government in East Africa between 1895 and 1901. Famously, lions ate the railway workers earning a reputation as the Man-eaters of Tsavo. You can learn more about this history at the Railway Museum.

Kenya National Archives

Want to learn a little about Kenya’s history? There are 40,000 volumes worth of information at the archives, all categorized according to your particular interest. Come dig in. The archives also have a gallery on the ground floor.

Kuona Trust Art Center

This is the home of visual artists in Kenya. This is the place to have a look at how Kenyan art is curated. You also have an opportunity to purchase some great pieces of artwork at a good price

Banana Hill Art Gallery

The home of contemporary art featuring artists from the region. The artwork might be a bit pricey but for the quality of work, it’s worth every penny. It has amazing views as its surrounded by tea farms

Wasps and Sprouts

For handmade African products that may seem price but are worth your time and money.

Mamba Village

Thirty acres of land that features a crocodile farm with over 70 reptiles. The farm also has Ostriches which you can feed.

Kioko Mwitiki Art Gallery

Named after the founder, Kioko. He uses waste recycled metal to make wildlife sculptures. He often hosts many artists to exhibit in his space

African Heritage House

One of the most photographed houses in Africa. A place that is unique with a wide range of African Art collection.

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