Takawiri Island Resort

10 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Lake Victoria Islands

Takawiri Island Resort
Takawiri Islands to my right
Mbita Ferry
Mbita Ferry
Lake Victoria Takawiri Island Kayaking
Residents Kayaking At Takawiri Island Resort
Sunset views at the shores of Lake Victoria
Still, waters run deep in the middle of the lake
Boat Rides Across Lake Victoria
Passengers alighting from a boat.
Lake Victoria Bird Island
Mbasa Island where no human lives
Takawiri Islands
Bird watching at Takawiri Island Resort



Travelling around the Lake Victoria Islands has opened my eyes to the beauty, diversity and the breathtaking views of Nyanza region of Kenya. I am on a mission to see as much of Kenya and Africa as I can.

Exploring the lakeside regions of Kenya was one of my priorities. Towards the end of last year, I made a point of visiting Mbita in Homabay county. I had the opportunity to tour Lake Victoria and its surrounding Islands. Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa that borders 3 countries- Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

If you love aquatic activities then Homabay County is the place for you. The surrounding Islands of Mbasa, Takawiri, Mfangano and Rusinga have so much to give you in terms of culture, wildlife and scenery. The landscapes are truly incredible some of the most beautiful photos I have taken here. I believe there is so much that Kenya has to offer.

There is nothing as fascinating as watching fishermen doing what they do best, seeing the beauty of the expanse of Lake Victoria from the Kenyan side and some of the most pristine and clean beaches.

Speaking of beaches. This was the highlight of my trip to Lake Victoria and learning the terrain, the infrastructure and how the locals here move around. I was also fascinated by the ferry that took me across from Homabay to Kisumu.

Last but not least, Takawiri Island was my favourite place to relax. I say not least because there are other bucket list experiences in the Lake Victoria Islands that I am yet to experience and I believe, I shall be back soon.

If you are ready to experience the best of Lake Victoria Islands, it’s time to book your flight to Kenya and head over to Lake Victoria.

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  • angela

    These really are inspiring photographs. What a lovely way to combine a safari with a trip to Lake Victoria Islands. A perfect mix.

    • Sharon Lumbasi

      I agree Angela, its a great mix

  • Jay Artale

    Whether it’s an ocean, a lake or a river – I love traveling to places with water. On a sunny day, and clear blue sky can create such great reflection that look great in photographs. And I can spent hours just watching the reflections ripple on the water.. there’s something so soothing about it.

  • Aditi Sharma

    These photographs have convinced me that Lake Victoria Islands are a perfectly relaxing getaway for a much needed vacation. Lounging on those pristine beaches with the view of the Takawiri Islands sounds ideal.

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